A selection of fairs
  I have had the pleasure of attending
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I have been lucky enough to attend shows in Switzerland,
 London and Hove, below are a few photos that we have taken.
Bern, Switzerland March 2003
sorry for the quality of the pictures from Switzerland
Just one of the fantastic clocks in the city and a view
 towards the
Our wonderful host, Bea with Maureen and Helena, Bea's lovely assistant, and Maureen with her big bear friend
Hugglets, Kensington, London. Feb 2014 
Sorry, just had to include this Harrods Easter egg,
 just wish we could afford the £ 1149
Hugglets, Kensington, London
 Sept. 13th 2009
 Justine, Maureen and Pauline and YES Justine has mawspaws rocks on her top , LOL
Kensington, London Sept 4th 2005  

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