New Homes 2
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The small selection of pictures on this page show where some Mawspaws creations have their new homes.
Below is a Greene family convention, a combined Pauline and Justine mawspaws picnic.
 The top photo is Pauline, Maureen and Justine,
Thank you to Barbara from Coventry, UK for the photos below, which includes and Susie the dog & Diana the doll.
Mr Jangles in his new home in Belgium with some of his friends, thank you Nancy 
The photos below are just a few that have been sent to us by our friend in Canada, Brenda-May.

Sitting beside a picture of my father when he was a young soldier.

This photo brought a lump to our throats as Seraphim was especially named to commemorate our collectors late father.

  Dear Maureen and Keith..
 I'm having a good time, there's a great view from up here! Don't worry, I won't fall,
 I have my safety belt on.
  Love, Maximillion :)

A selection of mawspaws creations that have moved to Canada, and on Mothers Day, sent their bearst wishes to me, their original mum.

Thank you, Branda-May

Just sleighing by...., and getting into the swing of the festive season with my friends, in Canada 
Pictures below kindly sent from Marion in the Netherlands.