New Homes 1
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The pictures on this page show where some
Mawspaws creations have their new homes all around the world.
If you have a photo(s) to add to this page
 please email them to me
and some new mawspaws friends now have this fantastic view of his new home, which is a guest pension in Saalbach, Austria. Wynter sits in the hall in the summer by a vase of flowers without his scarf. In the winter-time he is part of the winter decorations.
The original idea of this page was to show everyone
  where in the world new creations have moved to.
 Well Karen from New Mexico has put her own slant on the page, it is spot the new creation amongst the fantastic scenery. The scenic photos show Smudge on his vacation, just in case you can not see him, he is sitting on the table in the first and sitting on the sign on the third photo.
 Well, the centre photo has its own story. As you can see,
  Samuel took over the box! You probably can't see
 from this photo but he has one blue eye and one yellow one! Is someone taking Keith for a ride, so to speak, as he was making up this section of the page, all he kept saying was,
 they are just as mad in New Mexico as they are around the world.
 Thanks for the giggles
Barbara from the UK sent this photo of her mawspaws collection,
 set out before they have to be moved to Barbara's new house.

marion from the netherlands, sent the photo on the left
 her doll poppy with her mawspaws creation pebbles,
again relaxing in their favourite chair, is there a trend starting.

the photo on the right shows her doll sophie with mawspaws creation bella

Gabby from the usa, very kindly sent this photo of
 a very regal Juliette preparing to have a cup of tea
  whilst relaxing in her favourite chair,
 whilst her mum looks at our website, LOL
Capri & Shannon photo sent to us by Naomi,
 now joined by Persai III and there real furry friend, LOL
Renay, very kindly sent the photos below  
The photos below were kindly sent to me by Barbara in the UK
ooh yes robbie, scratch right there! says susie.  yatou & tilly 'giddy up!' 
 A fantastic site for doll lovers, from Carmella Cappell,
 that now has a Bear Collection page.

The photo on the left shows Carmelas Mina with 3 of my creations.
Just how lucky are they, being with such a wonderful doll, and new home to live in.
Hi Maureen & Keith,
Hope you had a great vacation .  Mocha did arrive.  What a darling bear.  Love him.  Anyhow, here is a pic of him with his new owner and of feather as well.  Here is Mocha with Sofie and Feather with Inari.Thanks. Heidi, USA
Thank you so much.  By the way, 
Panda Bear Caress just arrived today and I took some pics of him with my Himstedt doll Monja.
Hope you like them.
  Monja just LOOOVES Caress.  
  Bear Hugs,
  Heidi, USA
  Keith and Maureen
 thought you would like to see my bear
at work on my desk...
she sits on top of a special vase
when there are no flowers in it.
 i love her!
 kelli USA

This photo has been sent to from Jonquil in Wales.

I must say that pictured with Jiao is
her gorgeous pup Mylo a yorkie x maltese
 and he's just 10 months old

  Lori from Largo, Florida, sent this photo of Mei- heart
with her new friend, aptly dressed up.
Pictures below kindly sent from Marion in the Netherlands. 
The photos below show that Pebbles has found a new girlfriend
in The Netherlands,called Dewi, and yes she has more than one wig.
Thanks to Brenda-May in Canada for these pictures
"Can you believe it? A creation having a better time than me, I wish I could be adopted and have Griffins lifestyle, not one new girlfriend but two.
 A little knobbly-kneed for me though.
 I will put myself up for adoption and hopefully move to Canada"
 These are Keith's comments when we received these photos from Canada.
 If anyone wants to adopt Keith, please email me, I am sure we can arrange something, although the postage will be really high.
 Only joking, because I know that nobody can afford the excess baggage charges.
 Griffin on the left is obviously having a good time and enjoying his new
 The rather more suitable photo on the right shows Daisie in her new home.
 Thanks Brenda-May for the images,
 gave myself and Keith a good laugh
Griffin and his new girlfriends  Daisie in her new home 
This is a message from our Children in Need bear that has found a new home in the USA.
 Thank you Shelia
Dear Mummy (and Daddy),
     I've just arrived in America and it is a truly remarkable place! The first thing they gave me was a flag and a subway map so that I could find my way. It was such a big help but quite hard to carry.
 Fortunately, "Middle Village" was clearly marked, right here in the middle of Queen's County. (I have not yet seen the Queen, but I will let you know when I do. I am told that Brooklyn is the King's County, so she may be visiting him there today.)
     As soon as I got to my new home, I got an enormous hug from my new
 Mommy, and a courteous greeting by  a large brown dog. (I am not sure whether she likes me. I think I heard her mumble
 "oh, ANOTHER bear" under her breath.)
     But that isn't at all important, Mummy, because I have the BEST NEW FRIEND in the WORLD!!!!! His name is Amos and he comes from New England, which is somewhere north of here. He didn't  explain what made it newer than the  England that I come from, but he's very well-travelled and assures me he can  show me all kinds of places from  Vermont to Toronto to Minneapolis to Virginia... oh, and lots of other places that I forgot.
     Amos gave me a red, white and blue sweater which he says will be very patriotic. It is also warm, so I am glad to have it. Tomorrow he wants to take me sight-seeing, and he will even let me use his CREDIT CARD and his camera! Amos explained that since American currency is confusing, he
 will keep track of the paper money. That is fine for me. He has a backpack so he can keep track of all these things better than I can right now.)
     Amos is very well-read, too. He carries his dictionary always, so he will never be surprised by a new word. He says I may need it to help me understand that this kind of English is not always the same as
 the kind I have been speaking before now.
     Oh, I must run because Amos says that it is time for vegetarian pizza, and that if we aren't quick, the dog will get most of it.
     Thanks ever so much for sending me  here, Mummy! I know I shall be very happy with Amos and all of the other bears!
                 Yours Truly,
Good evening Maureen and Keith
 At first, I didn't forget you with my pictures!!! In the last weeks, it was very dark outside. I told you that I will wait for more sunshine. Then, when the weather was better, we were in our ski holidays. It was wonderful in the mountains
 with snow and a lot of sunshine. Today now, I could make my photos with Emma and her friends. She found here a boy
 friend with a boat and now she is very happy! Have a look on these pictures.
 And now, dear Maureen and Keith, I wish you all the best for the future. Perhaps we will hear from each other at an other occasion.
 Bearst wishes from Switzerland
 Anita and Emma