Thank you for all you support, friendship and trust,
both myself and Keith find it hard to put into words just how much it means, we do really appreciate it.

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Latest news - 2017
  6th April, new creation added, website update email sent.
   24th Feb, adoptions updated
Feb. new creation added, website update email sent.
Sorry to say that I will not be at Hugglets this weekend, I have been so busy house hunting, time for making my creations has been very limited. If you are going have a great day.

9th Feb. site adoptions updated
17th Nov 15.
I have put up a historical Facebook page up, hopefully it will be easier to display photos.
It will NOT replace the website.
Please still communicate through the website.
Keith's still learning about Facebook, so please bear with him, LOL
Bearst wishes
A little information about me
For the past 31 years or more I have been making
  Collector Bears, Pandas, Miniatures, Dogs, Cats.
  I live in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England
 with my husband Keith, who is responsible for the web site and all things computer related.
 I have had the pleasure of sending Mawspaws creations to their new homes around the world, including the USA, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Holland, Germany,
  Hong Kong, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland,
 Finland, France and the UK.
 I have also been invited to
 Bear Fairs in Japan, Switzerland and London.
 More can be found on the profile page.

Maureen and Keith - team mawspaws 
Who does what in team mawspaws?

I make all the creations myself and also have to run the house,
 so some days are more productive than others,
I also have to have some time off for retail therapy, LOL
Keith completes all the computer tasks,
creating the website and dealing with all the emails,
allowing me more time to be creative.
Be assured Keith reads out your emails to me.

Very simple really, my husband Keith always calls me by
  the nickname of "Maw" so after a few seconds the
 connection between Maws and Paws became evident
  and so MAWSPAWS was created.
  I wish it was more convoluted than that
  but the simple way is often the best.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.         
If you adopt a MAWSPAWS creation and are not completely satisfied you can return it, having sent an email saying you are returning, within 14 days of delivery and we will refund 100% of the purchase price of the creation less any financial charges incurred, e.g. Paypal deductions.
My creations are for Collectors and not intended as toys.
Our house is a smoking free environment.

Paypal, & Credit Card Accepted
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No Paypal account is required for Credit Card payment 
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Photographs taken by and copyright © Keith Batt 2004 - 2018

Given the difficulty in actually catching the exact colours of the fabrics, and with the variations of personal computer screen settings,
actual colours of creations might vary from their photos,
Keith does his very best to convey the correct colours.

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