Frequently Asked Questions
To join our web update email list, or for any enquiries you have,
  please email  
  thank you.
Because most of this information is spread around the web site,
I have put this page up to save your surfing time.
Most importantly,
please do not be afraid to email us if you have a question or comment.
There is a button on the left ( Email me )
which you can click on and then send an email that way,

Bearst wishes

Maureen and Keith

Web site updates

 1, How can I tell if there are new creations on the web site

By joining our free web update email list,
just send an email to us and we will add you to the list,
so that you are the first to know about the new creations.

 2, When are new creations added
Whenever we can. Keith tries to vary the time and day
to give everyone a fair chance of adopting,
taking into consideration the time differences around the world.

 3, Is the web site updated regularly

Yes, Keith updates it as quickly and as regularly as possible,
you can see the latest updates on the homepage.

1, Can I send photos of my mawspaws creations.
 As you can see on the web site, it is not only creations for adoption,
but we like to make it feel more family orientated,
we like to feel our collectors are part of our family,
that is the way we like to work.
As you can see we have photos of out grandson, and holidays on the site.

So, yes please feel free to send a photo
and possibly some words
and Keith will try his best to add them to the New Homes pages.
2, Have my creations really been adopted all around the world.
Yes, creations have been adopted in USA, Canada,
Australia, Japan, The Netherlands, Switzerland,
Hong Kong, South Africa, Germany, France
 plus all around the UK.
 Sorry if I have missed your country out.
About team mawspaws
1, Who are we
Team mawspaws consists of Maureen Batt
  and my husband Keith.
We live in Aylesbury, England.
2, Where can I find out more about you
On the About Me page of the web site,
 it gives a profile of me an how I started bear making.
3, Who does what in team mawspaws
Maureen makes all the creations herself and also has to run the house,
so some days are more productive than others,
she also has to have some time off for retail therapy, LOL
Keith completes all the computer tasks,
 allowing Maureen more time to be creative.
 Be assured Keith reads out your emails to Maureen.
1, What are the shipping (postage)costs
We will email you with the total price of adopting the creation including the shipping.
2, Where can I find more information
On the Order and Layaway page on the web site
3, How do you ship,( post )
Within the UK we use Royal Mail Special Delivery,
 which is next day delivery before 1pm,
 there is a small extra charge for Saturday deliveries.
 Overseas we use International Signed For
 which requires the parcel to be signed for on delivery.


1, How do I pay for my mawspaws creation.
Which ever suits you the best,
we can take Paypal, Mastercard or Visa,
 for the credit cards Keith will set up a special page
 which allows you to enter your card information,
it is actioned by Paypal,
but you do not need a Paypal account to pay this way.
By processing credit cards this way,
we do not know your card details. In the UK,
we will accept any of the above methods or a cheque.