Meeting Deb from the USA
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The troops come out to welcome Deb and David
 from Louisville, Kentucky
  to Windsor Castle, England on
20th June 07
 After a trip of 4767 miles,
 well that is how many miles as the crow flies,
 Deb and David had travelled to the UK, and myself and Keith
 had the pleasure of meeting up for lunch.
 What a delight to meet such a lovely couple
 and to actually see who is behind the email address.
Deb, pebbles and Maureen
Deb, Pebbles and Maureen
Keith,Deb and Maureen
Keith, Deb, Pebbles and Maureen
soldiers at Windsor Castle
The marching soldiers at Windsor Castle,
 came out for Deb....
soldiers at Windsor Castle
 the band played for Deb
soldiers marching at Windsor Castle 
What a wonderful day, we hope we can repeat it someday, with you, perhaps 
    A loving message sent to Keith from Deb,
  one of the more polite names Keith has been called, LOL